James Loupas Associates Inc

Technical Advisors to Broadcasters

About JLA

Founded in 1976, James Loupas Associates provides technical consultation to the radio, television, and recording industries, as well as advice on psychoacoustics and audio ergonomics for general business applications.

For radio clients, we design studios and transmitter systems, provide construction supervision, and conduct technical negotiations. What makes us unique, however, is our long experience in psychoacoustics—in successfully processing audio signals to appeal to specific audience segments. What does this mean to each individual radio station? It means fewer tune-outs and the best possible quarter-hours.

We firmly believe that even great audio can always sound better.


JLA provides technical consultation to support PowerClamp surge suppressors by Sine Control Technology Inc. Click here to email Jim.


Contact Jim for information or documentation supporting AirCorp microphone processors.

About Jim Loupas

Jim Loupas is the president of James Loupas Associates, and a veteran of more years in the broadcasting industry than he sometimes cares to remember. He's been creating audience-grabbing psychoacoustics for radio stations since he was Director of Engineering at WCFL Chicago in its glory years (he was a child at the time, of course).

Sound is his passion. Have lunch with him, and it's likely that he'll comment on the acoustics of the restaurant and how the ambient sound and room noise is either attracting repeat business or driving it away. Watch a movie with him and he'll explain why you can't understand what the actors are saying. Watch television and you'll learn about loudness and ease of listening, and how the sound of the program or network is matched—or not matched—to its target viewers.

Radio, of course, being pure sound, has been his vocation and avocation since he was a high-school kid skipping school to run remotes in his home town of Gary, Indiana. He's had years of high-level management experience, and puts that background to good use in technical negotiations and studio design.

Jim and his wife, novelist Elizabeth Loupas, live in Coppell, Texas.

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